Muslim Women Against FEMEN

The problem is that ever since 9/11 the western discourse on Islam and coverings has been shaped and dominated by what the Taliban was doing in Afghanistan. People think all Muslim women have been forced into wearing coverings when in fact many women choose to do it. If you want to wear a hijab or a niqab, that’s up to you. No woman in my immediate family has ever worn one and I have extended relatives whose children have chosen to wear it even though the mother doesn’t. Just because you don’t agree with something or understand something about another faith doesn’t mean it’s a horrible oppressive tool. As long as you aren’t hurting others, what’s the big fucking deal?

Here is the reaction by the founder of FEMEN:

“So what can i say about the reaction of those Muslim women? They say they are against Femen, but we still say we are here for them.
They write on their posters that they don’t need liberation but in their eyes it’s written ‘help me’. 

“You know, through all history of humanity, all slaves deny that they are slaves being scared to fight for freedom. 

“We are proud to share progressive ideas for all over the world, all ideologies have the place where they were born but ideology of freedom doesn’t have nationality or specific location, it’s a universal idea that is shared by Arab women too! 

“Why do they have to cover their bodies? This is beginning of the process.” 

So basically fuck FEMEN.

FEMEN’s reaction pisses me off to NO end. How patronizing. 

I’m all about women doing whatever the hell it is they want but isn’t the idea of a hijab/niqab coming from the idea that women should cover up because it’s indecent to expose their overly sexual hair/bodies to the world?  I don’t care that women choose to wear/not wear certain things, I care that the ideology behind it might be so institutionalized and that these women are brainwashed by an oppressive idea.  Religion is an idea and all ideas are equally subject to critique and discourse to determine their validity.

Can somebody school me on this?  

See, you’re operating on the assumption that these women wouldn’t have knowledge to be aware of their “oppression.” There are plenty of Muslim women who are extensively educated and aware of feminism and womanism, their respective theories, and how that works with their faith. So basically, it’s not a fair argument to say that they’re brainwashed and don’t know it. Women aren’t stupid. While I am not Muslim, I also can’t tell these women that their religion is wrong or oppressive.  I have my own faith that I subscribe to, and they could just as easily turn around and say that my I’m oppressed because I’m a Christian. 

Any of my Muslim ladies want to correct me/add to this? 

It’s just really aggravating to see FEMEN policing other women. It’s like they don’t understand what feminism is, at all. 


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